Writing Consultant Biographies


Photo of Jordan

Hi, I’m Jordan, a senior double-majoring in Creative and Professional Writing. I enjoy writing short stories and poetry, drawing, and singing. I’m for a small town near Kansas City and I love the Missouri Mavericks. I’m comfortable with academic writing, response essays, pre-writing, creative writing, professional/technical writing, MLA formatting and citation, implementing graphics, incorporating sources, proofreading, brainstorming, and grammar mechanics. I'm comfortable working with international students.


Photo of Ashley

Hey all! I’m Ashley, and I’m a Professional Writing major with minors in Creative Writing, Screenwriting, and Spanish. I live for compelling stories, spontaneous adventures, and the grand idea of actually graduating one day.


Photo of Hannah

Hello! My name is Hannah and I am a senior studying professional writing. At Missouri State, I have participated in the Honors College and have dabbled in a variety of subjects. Outside of school I work at a law firm and spend time volunteering at a couple of non-profits. My favorite hobbies are cooking, baking, and learning about Germany (Ich liebe Deutschland, aber mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut!). I have loved writing for as long as I can remember and cannot wait to help you love your writing! I love working with international students!

Rebekkah – Graduate Student

Photo of Rebekkah

Hello, I'm Rebekkah. I am a graduate student studying English Literature, and am probably on my way to trying for a doctorate since I simply love to learn. Currently, Victorian and Medieval literature is what I find most intriguing, as well as teaching writing through story. I think a perfectly fitting word is often more scrumptious than desert. I can never get enough of hot green tea, ambling country pathways, and traveling to far away places. I am comfortable working with research papers, APA, Chicago, MHRA, APA, integrating sources, brainstorming, outlining and organization, literature analysis, creative writing, speeches, and personal reflections. I've had experience teaching in Ukraine and China, and I'm happy to help out any international students who come to the Bear CLAW!


Photo of Brianna

I am a junior studying public relations and technical writing here at Missouri State University. I am also on the women’s swimming and diving team! I am from Papillion, NE where I grew up with my parents and my younger brother and sister. My brother is a junior in high school and my sister is a sophomore at the University of Northern Iowa. I will be graduating in May of 2019. Growing up, I always saw myself going into a health-related field because I was a student-athlete. Seeing as the skills necessary for these types of study did not necessarily match my own strengths or interests, I began to pursue other areas. It was not until my sophomore year that I was introduced to public relations, and I have been diving further into the field ever since! I am looking forward to starting my senior year and working at the Writing Center!


Photo of Kyle

Kyle is a senior double majoring in professional writing and creative writing. He works currently as an editor for university publications including LOGOS and Moon City Review. His expertise lies in reviewing research papers, essays, and creative writing; Kyle is particularly passionate about writing short fiction and creative non-fiction. He is also experienced in subjects such as literature, psychology, and the natural sciences. Kyle loves to garden and is fond of floriography.

Seth – Graduate Student

Photo of Seth

My name is Seth and I am a graduate student in the Rhetoric and Composition Program. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature, and I was originally a transfer student from MSU-West Plains. I’m an avid reader and gamer. One of my favorite books is Battle Royale by Koushun Takami, and one of my favorite video game series is Final Fantasy. I have dabbled in different languages and tutored while I studied abroad in China, so international students as well as all other students please feel free to sign up for tutoring with me.

Mary – Graduate Student

Photo of Mary

Mary is a second-year graduate student in the Professional and Technical Writing program. She also works as a graduate teaching assistant in the English department. She has a soft spot for British Victorian literature and hopes to work in publishing someday.


Photo of Emma

Hi! My name is Emma. I am a sophomore here at Missouri State, and my major is English Literature, and although I have not done it yet, I am probably going to declare minors in French and Library Studies as well. I am currently the secretary of Ice Girls for the Missouri State Ice Bears, and that is the only organization I’m involved in for now. I decided to come to Missouri State after hearing only good things about it, and I’ve loved every second of it so far! I love reading books from any genre, being around animals, and watching hockey, and I’m very excited to help others with their writing!


Photo of Brooke

My name is Brooke and I am a Junior English Education major. I aspire to be a collegiate English professor after earning my Ph.D. in English Education. I am very involved on Campus, I am the President of Ice Girls, a member of Delta Zeta, NSCS (National Society of Collegiate Scholars), and NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English). I look forward to working with you on your next writing project!


Photo of Sarah

My name is Sarah. I’m a sophomore in the Honors College. I’m doing a double major in Professional and Creative Writing with a double Distinction (because why not). I am a Peer Reviewer for LOGOS: A Journal of Undergraduate Research. I am also a member of the MSU Creative Writing Club. I love reading and writing (surprise, my two majors probably gave that away). I make the worst puns at every possible opportunity, so bear that in mind if you talk to me (see what I did there).  I love playing my cello (if you hear the sound of dying hyenas on campus, don’t worry, that’s just me “playing” my cello). I hate writing biographies because I never know what to say or what type of information I should include. Also, if you see me on campus, don’t be scared to say hello!


Photo of Kristina

My name is Kristina and I’m from St. Louis, MO. I am currently a junior and pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Professional Writing with design as my minor. I have always loved writing and art, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to study both areas. I enjoy reading and drawing if I can find any free time. I am also an avid coffee-drinker and love trying new coffee shops. I’m not sure what I want to do with my degree yet, but I hope to find a career where I can use both my writing and design skills.


Photo of Cassandra

Cassandra is a creative writing major with an emphasis on short fiction with a minor in philosophy. In her spare time, she enjoys being out in nature, a good book, horror movies, and a strong cup of coffee. She hopes to continue after undergrad to pursue a master's degree in creative writing and to eventually start teaching fiction. I enjoy working with international students.


Photo of Katie

Katie is a senior Professional Writing major and Graphic Design minor at Missouri State University. She is also a dancer in the Theatre and Dance Department. She loves Pilates and peanut butter; and is an avid reader and movie watcher. 



Photo of David

I am a senior in the English Education and Creative Writing departments here at Missouri State University. I fell in love with writing when I was in high school and have been working ever since then to better both my essay and poetry skills. My greatest learning experiences have involved moments when I was able to share my writing and receive feedback from my instructors and peers. That collaborative effort helped me to learn where my strengths and weaknesses are and how to work on improving myself. A large part of why I want to be an English teacher is to be able to help give that positive experience I had to my future students so that they feel confident with their writing going into the world.


Hello! My name is Maria and I am a senior Professional Writing major with a minor in Screenwriting. I serve as Chief Editor for LOGOS and Social Media Manager for the PSU on campus. I also work for Show-Me Chefs, am a member of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, and volunteer as a Feline Friend at the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri. When I have free time, you can usually find me spending time with friends and coworkers, watching movies, taking on new projects, or working on my screenplays and teleplays. I'm comfortable working with international students.

Jeremy – Graduate Student

Photo of Jeremy

My name is Jeremy and I am a first year graduate student on the literature track.  I enjoy reading and writing, along with playing guitar and watching sports (the Cardinals and Liverpool F.C. being among my chief interests).  As far as literature, I am probably a bit more obsessed with The Lord of the Rings than I should be, and enjoy anything written by George Saunders.  I am also not so patiently awaiting the final season of Game of Thrones, and love comedy series such as The Office and Parks and Recreation.  Writing is very important in all fields, and I look forward to helping in this area. 

Trish - Online Consultant

Photo of Trish

Hi there! My name is Trish. I am a Senior in the BFA Acting Program at Missouri State! I'm excited to start working at the Writing Center, and hope that I will be able to help students come to their full writing potential! A little about myself: I love any form of art (music, visual, dance, theatre, etc.), I find Shakespeare absolutely enchanting and fascinating and I have extremely adorable two dogs (one named Patty and the other named Snickers).

Jupiter - Online Consultant

Coming Soon!