Faculty Resources for ChatGPT & AI Writing Programs

Chat GPT and AI writing programs pose a problem for faculty and teaching staff. The goal of this list is to provide varying resources for instructors.

History and Evolution of Tech-Assisted Writing

An Introduction to ChatGPT/AI-Assisted Composing Processes

University Statements Regarding ChatGPT

ChatGPT and Course Syllabi

Implications for Writing Instruction

Detecting AI-written Texts

AI and Pedagogy

ChatGPT and Publishing

General Resources for Writers

The practical guide to using AI to do stuff

How to... use ChatGPT to boost your writing

ChatGPT is my co-founder - by Ethan Mollick

Content Creators

For more articles, resources, and useful materials, make sure you check out the work of the following content creators:

Eric James Stephens, PhD

Jason Gulya, Ph.D.

Alejandro Correa Bahnsen, PhD

Ethan Mollick

Dr Philippa Hardman

Torrey Trust, Ph.D.