Grammar Support

At the Writing Center, we understand that grammar can be intimidating. Even the most seasoned professional writers have trouble with it! Whether you want to discuss a paper or ask a general grammar-related question, we encourage you to stop by and meet with one of our consultants. Appointments are always recommended.

We Offer...

Personalized sessions. Consultants work one-on-one with clients to address specific concerns and questions.

Perfect timing. With an appointment, you can work undisturbed up to an hour with a consultant.

A friendly, comfortable environment. We understand that grammatical concepts can be difficult to grasp. We are here to provide support.

Consultations for undergraduates, graduates, faculty, and staff. We welcome writers with any level of experience.

Resources for writers. The Writing Center provides free handouts, reference materials, and internet access—resources to help with any stage of the writing process.

Grammar Support & the Writing Center

Traditionally, Writing Center personnel cannot edit your paper. When it comes to grammar support, we must tread a fine line. It is imperative that all writers visiting the Center understand that we address grammar concerns when poor grammar or syntax interfere with a reader's understanding of the paper. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the author of any paper to ensure it is (relatively) free of grammatical errors.