A Note from the Director

Tutor Support

The Bear CLAW has approximately 70 students (graduate assistants and undergraduate students) in the TutorTrac system ready to make appointments and assist online through Blackboard Collaborate. These faculty-recommended tutors and graduate assistants can help students with over 100 subjects listed on our website. Thirty-minute one-on-one appointments are available with a limit of two hours per week per class. Graduate Assistant hours host up to 5 students per session.

If you have students seeking assistance or would like to recommend a potential tutor for your class, contact Dr. Diana Garland, Director of the Learning Commons.

The Writing Center

This summer, writing consultants will work using email.

Email Consultations

Writers can obtain advice regarding their manuscript through an email consultation. A writing consultant will read and give students an overview of the text's strengths and weaknesses. These comments will be returned to them as soon as possible. Comments are made using the "Track Changes" feature in Microsoft Word. ​​​​​​​

The Brand-New Presentation Center to Support COM 115

The Presentation Center’s mission is to enhance communication skills and offer helpful advice for students enrolled in COM 115. We provide one-on-one consultations and small group workshops with peer consultants and communication professionals. Students can spend an hour working with one of our trained consultants to tailor their message and delivery while boosting their confidence. Visit the Public Speaking Support page for information or call us at (417) 836-6398.

The Brand-New Course Mentoring Program

Course mentors are part of the Bear CLAW's Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) Programming. They're a series of academic enhancement group sessions for students taking historically difficult courses. Led by Course Mentors, the sessions are provided for all students who want to improve their understanding of course material and improve their grades. Attendance at sessions is voluntary. This semester, we’re supporting select AGR, BMS, CHM, DTN, and GLG classes.

The Absent Professor Program

If you’re looking for a guest speaker to talk about learning enhancement techniques, citation methods, academic writing, and defeating test stress, we’re offering in-person or virtual workshops.

For more information about the Writing Center, Presentation Center, the Course Mentoring Program, or the services of the Absent Professor Program, contact Michael Frizell, M.F.A., Director of Student Learning Services.