Working as a Writing Consultant

Please read the preferred qualifications below. If you're interested in working in this dynamic space, please email for an official application!

Applications are currently CLOSED. Our next hiring cycle will start in late October for those interested in working during the spring 2020 semester.

Writing Consultants

The Center hires energetic and enthusiastic writing consultants to assist students, staff, and faculty at all levels of writing from all disciplines. Hiring begins after midterm each semester.

Students look to consultants for assistance and come to the Writing Center to learn something; therefore, the consultant’s goal is to work with the student. This is accomplished with interaction, as opposed to one-sided discourse. The consultant should ask questions about the assignment and about the student’s goals before reading over a paper or draft and should feel comfortable asking the student to make notes on the draft, as opposed to taking control and writing notes for the student.

For these reasons, consultants should be outgoing and possess strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • At least a junior in good academic standing

  • Need at least a 3.35 GPA in all courses (Note: We believe that your GPA is not always indicative of your talent; however, lower GPA's are under stiff competition!)

  • Must be a strong writer

  • Need to commit to the Center for at least one full semester

  • Should plan to work a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 hours per week Must be friendly, responsible, patient, and professional

  • Comfortable speaking in public

  • Interested in working with writers in an online environment as well as face-to-face

    • Good record of writing in the classroom
    • Some tutoring experience such as with A+ programs or other such service is helpful but not required

Application Process:

  • Complete the application and return it and supporting materials to the Bear CLAW, first floor, Meyer Library
  • Schedule an interview with the Director of the Writing Center, Michael Frizell
  • Provide the names of two faculty members who can speak to writing ability

When Selecting Writing Consultants, We Look for:

  • Good writers, no matter the major (after all, Missouri State students write in every discipline)
  • Friendly, helpful, tactful, confident, and responsible students
  • Diversity: males and females, athletes and bookworms, the talkative and the quiet, Greeks and independents, artists and scientists

Writing Consultants should be comfortable working with any step in the writing process: brainstorming, researching, drafting, and revising; however, they cannot proofread writing projects. The goal of the Writing Center is to help students become better writers, not to help our consultants become better editors.

A writing consultant must be able to think creatively, explain the process of writing so that a layperson can understand it, and hold a genuine, positive attitude.

Contact Michael Frizell for more information and an application.