Internet Consultation

The Online Writing Center functions like the Writing Center located in the Bear Claw in Meyer Library, only the consultations are held using Adobe Connect®, instead of a sit-down meeting. Much like an in-person appointment in the Writing Center, you'll have an interactive, collaborative learning session with a consultant. During this session, your consultant will work with you to answer questions, encourage problem solving, and create a stronger piece of writing.

Please contact Michael Frizell, Director at to set up an appointment.

The steps below will guide you through a synchronous consultation.

For the guide below in PDF format, click here.

  1. E-mail tthe director, Michael Frizell, to coordinate an appointment. Your email MUST have Synchronous Tutoring Appointment in the subject line. The email must be sent through a Missouri State email (
  2. Answer the following questions in the email:

    1.     Your first and last name

    2.     Your native language (if not English)

    3.     Your Missouri State University connection: dual credit, satellite location, study away—(where?), or online course

    4.     Your academic status (e.g. dual credit high school student, freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate student, staff, faculty. Please note: if you are a traditional, on-campus student, you cannot utilize synchronous tutoring. Contact the Writing Center for a conventional appointment.)

    5.     Specific concerns and/or questions you have about your text

    6.     Provide the course number and section

    7.     Choose three one-hour appointment times that work for you from the list below:

    8.     Attach your manuscript as a WORD or RTF document

9. Type “Synchronous Tutoring Appointment” in the subject line

3.     Once provide the information listed above, you will receive a confirmation email from a writing consultant. The email includes a link to the online meeting room, the appointment time, and contact information for any questions.

4.     At the designated meeting time, copy and paste the URL into the web address bar in your internet browser.

5.     The Adobe Connect screen will appear. Type your name into the Enter as Guest box and click Enter Room. You will enter the Adobe Connect meeting.

 Adobe Screenshot 1Note: If you arrive before the writing consultant, you will have a gray screen. Please wait for the consultant to arrive.

During the Meeting

Adobe Connect provides several options to interact with the writing consultant during the meeting including video chat, audio only, and instant messaging.

 Adobe Screenshot 2

Toolbar Options

Adobe Screenshot 3

Adobe Screenshot 4NOTE: You must connect to the audio and webcam if you wish the consultant to see or hear you. When you click to enable the speakers, audio, and webcam, the Adobe Flash Player Settings box appears.





Troubleshoot and System Requirements         

Check our troubleshooting page further assistance.  This page will check to ensure the following:

1.       Computer has the latest Flash player installed

2.       Your Adobe Connect Connection

3.       Your connection speed

4.       Your computer has the Adobe Connect Add-in (used for screen sharing)

You only need an internet browser to access the Adobe Connect room.

Here are links to download Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, which you may download to use as a browser:



Web Cam, Speaker, and Microphone Troubleshooting

Adobe Screenshot 5If you experience problems accessing your audio or video, select the Meeting tab from the top toolbar and click Audio Setup Wizard to configure your audio device. Follow the easy-to-understand instructions in the Audio Setup Wizard to setup your audio and video. You need to ensure that both the Video and Audio/Microphone icon show a green color.